Initial Coin Offerings 101: Beginners Guide to What is an ICO

Massive growth in the blockchain space over the last few years has opened up great and numerous opportunities. The momentum that the cryptocurrencies and ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings) have brought with them has accelerated this growth and

What is cryptocurrency 101: Simplified guide to cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrency is a form of currency that is typically built on a globally distributed ledger called a blockchain. Everybody has heard of Bitcoin. If they hadn’t a few months ago, for surely they have now- primarily due

What is blockchain technology?

Blockchain Technology- what is it? Blockchain technology uses peer-to-peer technology to send payments or data from one entity to another without the involvement of a financial institution or other central entity. The concept and technology was originally

What does the social say

Here are some quick and fun picks from around the globe and social media- we pick out some of the top comments and feeds that we enjoyed or liked, and feel you will too! yes, we can

A brief history of Bitcoin

Bitcoin has played a huge role in the cryptoworld so far. It is playing a huge role in the finance world right now. Regardless of the fractions that may be forming within the cryptworld, one thing is

How to Build Your Ideal Portfolio of Cryptos

Cryptocurrencies have managed to take the financial world by a storm and continue to be the topic of discussion among the top investors and market analysts today. Sometimes these markets behave so erratically that they have to

Top 5 Tips to Identify Scammy Coins

Many cryptocurrencies are being released every week, and a lot of them are rip-offs from the bitcoin source, designed for a scam. As per this article on How to Create Your Own Cryptocurrency, it is not too

User loses Ethereum from phishing attack

A simple mistake sees a user lose all their Ethereum. You can access the original thread here on Reddit.

Using bitcoin and other cryptocurrency

Now that you have your first Bitcoins or any other crypto, what can you do with it? and how can you use it? Well firstly cryptocurrency can be regarded as a: Medium of value: You can hold

What is Litecoin

Founder: Charlie Lee Founded date: October 7, 2011 Category: Open source decentralised blockchain Mining: Scrypt algorithm (FPGA and ASIC) Currency code: LTC Official website:   Litecoin With the advent of modern era , and the currency

Beginners guide 101: How to Buy, Sell, or Trade Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency

Note: This is a guide for absolute beginners. It’s quite easy to buy bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies- but it does depend on where you are based. To buy bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for the first time: Create

What is Bitcoin? A complete beginners guide

What if you could build an entire new economy. Something that is designed in the digital realm? A currency where no government controls the supply of it, nor the distribution of it. A currency that is entirely

126M Verge Cryptocurrency Stolen

On November 21st, 126 million Verge (XVG) coins were stolen from CoinPouch. November 2017 was not particularly lucky for some cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Verge worth $655,000 at the time was lost from CoinPouch only days after $31 million
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