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A brief history of Bitcoin

Bitcoin has played a huge role in the cryptoworld so far. It is playing a huge role in the finance world right now. Regardless of the fractions that may be forming within the cryptworld, one thing is

Forks 101: A beginners guide to cryptocurrency forks

Before we explain what a cryptocurrency fork is. It is best to understand some common terms. So first things first, the basics: Mining Mining is the process of validating transactions via cryptographic ecalculations. Miners are rewarded in

China aims to remain ahead with Blockchain Technology

On September 14th, Innospace will host a conference on the application of block chain technology. Austrade and ADCA will participate by sending a number of block chain experts to exchange discussions with China’s block chain experts. NEO

Evolution of blockchain and cryptocurrency

Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are about to go mainstream. Right now you say? well no. So how long will it take? Well, your guess is as good as mine and any guess is purely speculative. What we

Blockchain Weekly Roundup #1

Blockchain technology continues to make headlines across the web. We are still in the early days though and the experts agree. “We’re still in the little by little phase but I anticipate progress will compound in the

What is blockchain technology?

Blockchain Technology- what is it? Blockchain technology uses peer-to-peer technology to send payments or data from one entity to another without the involvement of a financial institution or other central entity. The concept and technology was originally
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