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What does the social say

Here are some quick and fun picks from around the globe and social media- we pick out some of the top comments and feeds that we enjoyed or liked, and feel you will too! yes, we can

User loses Ethereum from phishing attack

A simple mistake sees a user lose all their Ethereum. You can access the original thread here on Reddit. Share the fun:

Methods for storing cryptocurrencies

There are several ways to store your cryptocurrencies. Click here to read more about these. Share the fun:

How to Shill crypto like a pro

If you’re familiar with Bitcoin and the altcoins; you browse the social websites; and engage with the community regarding cryptocurrency, then no doubt you’ve come face to face with a Shill. In the cryptosphere, a Shill is

People with BTC right now…

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For health reasons…

Tips for a healthier life: Drink plenty of water Eat your vegetables Exercise at least 20 minutes a day Stop looking at your crypto price every 5 minutes     Tips for good karma: Support this website
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