Crypto Companion: Beginners Guide to Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency

A Beginners Guide to Blockchain Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency

A Beginners Guide to Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency

Educate yourself before you dip your toes in the fascinating world of Blockchain, Bitcoin, and Cryptocurrencies.

“If you’re thinking of diving in; use this book to test the water first”.Google Books User Review

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The only resource you will need to understand the A-Z of Blockchain, Bitcoin, and Cryptocurrencies. Full Stop.

What you will learn

The Crypto Companion is a great read if you are completely new to Blockchain, Bitcoin, or Cryptocurrencies. It’s also just as good for amateurs- those that have been meddling in the waters for a short while now.



It is designed to bring you up to speed on the essentials:

  • Introduction to Bitcoin
  • A history on the king of coins
  • Introduction to altcoins
  • Blockchain
  • Litecoin and Ethereum
  • Understand the force that is changing crowd funding: Initial Coin Offerings
  • Using Cryptocurrency
  • How to Buy, Sell, or Trade Bitcoin and Crypto
  • How to store Cryptocurrency
  • Transferring Cryptocurrency to someone else and receiving it


By the end you will be ready to:


  • Buy and transfer Bitcoin or other Cryptocurrency
  • Make your first crypto to crypto trade
  • Understand how to build a healthy crypto portfolio
  • Understand the Risks and pitfalls of investing in crypto
  • Avoid scam cryptocurrencies (and there are lots out there)
  • Stay safe in the cryptosphere
  • Speak the lingo (yes there are common terms and jargon used in the crypto forums!)


“The Crypto Companion for Beginners is a must read for anyone looking to get their head around blockchain and bitcoin. It covers off everything you need to know and it does it in way that’s really simple to understand…” – Prabh Gill

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…Regardless of the fractions that may be forming within the cryptoworld, one thing is undisputed- the value that blockchain technology is bringing with it – and Bitcoin can be thanked for that.

With its popularity ever increasing there was once a stage where hardly anyone knew what it was. Those that had heard of it just thought it was some sort of Ponzi or money laundering scheme. Yet that was only a few years ago. Some would still argue that it still is. But with exponential increases in value over time it has become a contender as an elite financial instrument.

In this book, you’ll find out what Bitcoin and cryptocurrency is, understand its underlying technology, and understand how it can be used.

In Section 2, we’ll talk about your road to riches through Bitcoin! I introduce you on how to buy or sell cryptocurrency, as well as trade it. Hopefully you can achieve financial success through crypto. I do not offer financial advice, what I do offer is an opportunity for you to learn about cryptocurrency and what it is.

Great guide for beginners to pros. User friendly, informative and easy to understand. I have referred my friends to this book. A must have to all people interested or even curious about cryptocurrency.Google Books User Review

…What if you could build an entire new economy? Something that is designed in the digital realm? A currency where no government controls the supply of it, nor the distribution of it. A currency that is entirely dependent on the communities that exist in the economy.

Welcome to Bitcoin.

Bitcoin uses an electronic cash system, one that is made up of peer-to-peer technology along with digital signatures (via cryptography). It is unlike traditional currency (fiat currency) in which you have central banks issuing currency, setting the interest rate and printing cash on demand.

…In 2011, other cryptocurrencies also started to emerge. It didn’t take long for engineers to figure out that Bitcoin could be improved upon rapidly. The tech behind Bitcoin – blockchain-could be scaled, and not just as a currency. Some techs were just orphans of Bitcoin, emerging from forking the chain. Litecoin is a prime example of a successfully forked chain. One that some would argue outpaced Bitcoin itself for the technology.

…An Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is a way to raise money for a project, business, or a company. This is achieved through creating a large number of ‘digital coins’ that are distributed to the buyers in exchange for another digital cryptocurrency…

…ICOs can generally be over capitalised. How is that possible you ask? Well it’s easy.

The founders decides what amount they are looking to raise. They also decide on the number of coins to issue. The founder would be looking to get as much money into the pocket as possible. On top of this the ICO participants are also usually motivated by a profit potential if the project takes off and the tokens exceed the ICO price.

As seen in the recent ICOs, the initial number is almost arbitrary, could just be picked out of thin air, while the whole ICO can be designed to meet these specific amounts.

…there are plenty of exchanges to choose from. However some will only allow you to buy a limited number of cryptocurrencies using fiat- so you can’t trade or buy other altcoins. Other exchanges will let you trade multiple altcoins, but you cannot purchase using fiat.

This section covers how to do this successfully. We’ll show you exactly how you can buy or sell your cryptocurrency as part of your own trading strategy. We’ll go through how to buy cryptocurrency using fiat all the way to placing your first crypto to crypto trade

Beginners guide” is exactly what it is – straightforward information which helps in gaining an understanding of the basics of cryptocurrency. Highly recommended for anyone who is a beginner or totally new to this type of investment.” – Google Books User Review

Message from the author...

Amidst the hype and craziness happening in the crypto space recently, I hope that providing an unbiased and pragmatic approach to educating you will be of significant help! This book’s purpose is to bring you up to speed with blockchain, Bitcoin, and cryptocurrency very quickly.

Considering how fast this technology is moving (we’re well above 1000 cryptocurrencies in the market), each one is bringing with it a new idea, a new thought, and a new type of innovation – some more unique than others (and some being utter scams). We’re about to see this trend continue at a lightning pace!

So, this is your first step, a one stop-shop, for blockchain, Bitcoin, and crypto.