Cryptocurrency Startup LoopX Vanishes From the Web after Raising $4.5 Million in ICO

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With the new Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) coming up ever so frequently it has become quite difficult to differentiate between the scammy or questionable currency startups as opposed to the legitimate ones. And the fact that cryptocurrencies aren’t regulated does not make things any easier. In a menacing turn of events, the cryptocurrency startup LoopX […]


Making your first cryptocurrency trade

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Binance Exchnage placing your first cryptocurrency or bitcoin trade

In this article we’re going to show you how to make your first cryptocurrency trade. With the onset of exchanges, there are plenty of exchanges to choose from. However some will only allow you to buy a limited number of cryptocurrencies using fiat- so you can’t trade or buy other altcoins. Other exchanges will let […]


How to Shill crypto like a pro

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sell cryptocurrency

If you’re familiar with Bitcoin and the altcoins; you browse the social websites; and engage with the community regarding cryptocurrency, then no doubt you’ve come face to face with a Shill. In the cryptosphere, a Shill is someone who will promote a certain cryptocurrency, typically using baseless information, for their (or their group’s) personal gain. […]